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Alternative Investments Options


An Alternative Asset refers to an investment beyond the traditional stock, bond, and mutual fund. Alternative investments can bring significant benefits to an investor’s portfolio by diversifying the risks associated with traditional investments in equity markets.

Traditional investments linked to market trends pose a systematic risk outside the individual investor’s control, as these type of investments move with the market.

Alternative investments such as Real Estate, Private Equity, Precious Metals, Commodities Promissory Notes, and Equity Crowdfunding present a way to maximize investment options. They also allow an investor to control their funds, risk, and growth potential.

Forge Trust can help administer these assets to ensure the transaction happens accurately and efficiently.


Types of Alternative Assets


  1. Real Estate

    There are several types of real estate investments that can be made by an IRA including: residential, commercial, mortgages and trust deeds and private REITs.

  2. Private Equity

    Private equity refers to investing in privately-held companies and businesses that are not publicly traded on the stock exchange. Self-directed IRAs invest in private companies through a fund or directly into a company of your choice.

  3. Precious Metals

    Precious metals offer investment opportunities in tangible assets such as gold, silver, palladium, or platinum. If you decide precious metals are an investment option for you, we can help streamline the process.

  4. Equity Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding platforms give investors access to private stock in up and coming startups. Investors can use their IRAs, 401Ks, and other retirement plans to fund virtually any crowdfunded venture.

  5. Promissory Notes & Trust Deads

    A promissory note represents a promise to repay a borrowed sum of money by a specified maturity date. The investment is made on set terms with fixed interest payments, and both principal and interest are collected on behalf of a self-directed IRA.

  6. Private Placements

    A Private Placement is an offering of unregistered, not publicly traded, securities offered by a privately held company usually to raise additional operating capital.