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One-and-the-Same Letter Form

Use this form to notify Forge Trust of any slight discrepancies in the way your name is listed on your Forge Trust account and the account from which your assets are being transferred (“Delivering Account”).

For complete name changes, such as due to marriage or divorce, complete the Name Change form in the Account Owner Information Update section and include the appropriate legal documents such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.

PDF Download

Please fill out the form manually by downloading the PDF.  'Wet signature' is required for the form.

This is an interactive form contains fields that you can select or fill in. Please note that some browsers may not fully support all of the Adobe PDF capabilities. You may need to configure your browser to use the Adobe PDF plug-in.

After you complete the PDF form, you need to deliver the form to us by either email, fax, regular mail or overnight mail.

Fax: (650) 745-2907
Regular Mail: Forge Trust
P.O. Box 7080, San Carlos, CA 94070-7080
Overnight Mail: Forge Trust
1160 Industrial Road, Suite 1,
San Carlos, CA 94070-4128
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