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Are there resources to help protect me against investment fraud?

Yes. We want to ensure that our customers are as informed as possible about fraud, and empowered to protect themselves against it. Please visit Fraud Protection to educate yourself about how to recognize and avoid fraudulent business practices.


Does Forge Trust act as a financial advisor?

No. Forge Trust Co. is a non-depository trust company. It is our job to facilitate your financial decisions by enabling you to perform the transactions you wish to make. Legally, we cannot offer you any advice in the form of recommendations, or offer insight or information on any available securities. Many of our customers opt to employ the services of a qualified financial advisor to help them make decisions, especially those who are new to investing.


How are self-directed IRAs regulated?

There are several types of regulation that impact SDIRAs. Contribution limits for IRAs are regulated by the IRS. The financial service institution through which you open your IRA may also be subject to additional regulatory constrains based on what services they offer. These regulations are in place to ensure that customers like yourself are protected from parties who may want to act in their interest instead of yours. Forge Trust Co. is a non-depository trust company regulated by the State of South Dakota Division of Banking. We take our custodial, administrative, and passive custodian responsibilities very seriously. Thus we never perform due diligence on investment opportunities, or offer advice of any kind. If you are offered investment or financial planning advice or services by anyone who is not a trusted financial advisor, you may want to do more research to make sure they are qualified and acting within the limits of the strict regulations governing financial services companies. You can learn more about what types of interactions are allowed between financial service providers and their customers in the fraud protection [link] section of our learning center.


Is Forge Trust Co. regulated?

Yes. We are a non-depository trust company regulated by the State of South Dakota’s Division of Banking. To see our credentials, go to South Dakota’s Department of Labor and Regulation and click on “Banking”, then “Trust Companies” then click on the Listing of Trust Companies Licensed to Do Business in South Dakota.


What is the role of an IRA custodian?

The custodian’s responsibility is to execute investment decisions taken by the IRA owner, and to ensure that all investment requests are conducted in accordance with the regulatory requirements laid forth by the IRA. As your account custodian, Forge Trust Co. will help you with many of the logistical aspects of managing your account, such as facilitating paperwork and handling administrative duties. However, all custodians, including Forge Trust Co., are legally prohibited from offering investment advice or recommendations to their customers.


Where are my funds held when not invested, and are they insured?

Your funds are held in an FDIC-insured, interest-bearing account at a depository institution (bank), until your funds are invested. The interest rate you receive is set by the Board of Directors based on the rates for similar accounts at money center banks. You may contact Forge Trust Co. for the current interest rate.


Why should I choose Forge Trust as my alternative asset custodian?

Since 1979, Forge Trust has been a trusted leader in the self-directed IRA industry. Our leadership team has been on a mission to deliver top-tier customer service, while strictly adhering to regulatory constraints and industry best-practices. In keeping with these ideals, we provide our customers with innovative technological solutions and unmatched security features. You can feel confident that we are protecting your identity, assets, and confidential information better than any other company out there. As a customer-oriented, forward thinking business, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible.