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Private Equity


Can I invest in a limited liability company with funds from my account?

Yes. Note that there are two types of Limited Liability Companies (LLC) you can invest your IRA into:  

  • A Public LLC, also called a “Private Placement” investment, which is a multi-member investment
  • A Private LLC, also referred to as an “IRA LLC” or a “Checkbook IRA,” which is an LLC established solely for the purpose of investing your individual IRA funds.


Keep in mind that whenever you invest in a company using either type of LLC you must ensure that you don’t run afoul of the IRS’s prohibited transaction guidelines. An important guideline to keep in mind is that you may not invest in any type of company where you, your family members, or your business partners own or control 50% or more shares of voting powers, beneficial interests, or capital interests.

Investors that have a Private LLC that have turned 72 years of age must have their valuation documents reviewed and verified by a third party financial professional.


Can I invest in a limited partnerships with funds from my account?

Yes. Limited Partnership (or LP) investments are considered a private placement, and the ability to invest in these types of assets is one of the advantages that a SDIRA offers.


I own a percentage interest in a private equity investment in my account. Who provides Forge Trust with a value for my portion of that investment?

You provide fair market valuations for all your assets every year. All your private equity investments should be issuing reports to you on the company’s worth. You can use that to complete the valuation forms.

Please refer to the Valuation of Assets section in your IRA Custodial Agreement.