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Alternative Investments


Are any investments off limits in my self-directed IRA?

Yes. These are called “prohibited investments” and investing in them could result in serious tax consequences and disqualification of your IRA, among other things. Some prohibited investments include works of art, jewelry, and “collectable” items like stamps, coins, or antiques.

Additionally, using your self-directed IRA (SDIRA) to transact business with a “disqualified person” is also prohibited. You can find out more about both prohibited transactions and disqualified persons under the “prohibited transactions” section of our learning center.

Additionally, the IRS has more specific guidelines, such as IRS publication 590, you can consult to help you develop a legally compliant investment strategy that meets your needs and sets you up to achieve your financial goals.


Can I buy and sell publicly traded stocks with funds from my account?

Yes. Any asset that is available for you to buy with a traditional IRA is available to you through an SDIRA.  The only types of assets you may not transact are ones prohibited by the IRS. 

Learn about the fundamentals of prohibited transactions on our website.


Can I buy mutual funds with funds from my account?

Yes. Complete an Investment Authorization form to make the investment.  Please be aware you will be charged a quarterly asset fee for each fund you hold.


Can I purchase an annuity with funds from my account?

Yes. Please speak to your tax advisor for guidance or for more information.


How does a self-directed IRA investment work?

Self-directed IRAs enable account holders to invest in a range of traditional exchange-traded assets, as well as non-exchange traded assets like real estate, P2P investment opportunities, and precious metals.

Additionally, SDIRA investing offers several tax-advantages for building wealth for retirement: with tax free or tax-deferred growth, the compounding interest on your investments allows you to experience growth at a much more significant level than you would if you had to pay taxes on all your transactions.


I have questions about my investments, who do I contact for help?

As this is a self-directed account, you will need to contact your investment provider, financial planner, accountant or other professional to answer questions about your investment.

Forge Trust, as custodian, is prohibited from giving investment related advice. However, we can help you if you have questions about managing your account, conducting transactions, or understanding regulations: you can reach out to us via phone at (800) 248-8447 or via email at


In what types of assets may I invest?

You may invest in almost any type of asset including real estate, promissory notes, private placements, trust deeds, mutual funds, limited partnerships, and LLCs.

Other assets may be acceptable; you may submit any asset to Forge Trust for acceptance.

Forge Trust offers investments in the following asset classes and more:

  • Real Estate
  • Promissory Notes & Trust Deeds
  • Private Equity
  • Private Placements
  • Precious Metals
  • Equity Crowdfunding
  • Private LLCs