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Rollover IRA Accounts

Rolling your old employer-sponsored retirement plan into an Forge Trust Rollover IRA can make it easier to allocate and monitor your retirement assets. It also provides a way to take control of your retirement savings. Rollovers are often used by those who have changed jobs or retired and have assets accumulated in their employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k).

Rollover IRAs can be rolled directly into an Forge Trust Rollover IRA without incurring any tax penalties and assets remain invested tax-deferred.

If you have questions about transferring an old 401(k) into a new account, give our IRA Rollover Specialists a call at (800) 248-8447 or email us at Forge Trust can help you with the paperwork involved with rolling over an IRA. We also have the flexibility to help you move an existing IRA from another institution.



  • Investments remain tax deferred
  • Ability to consolidate from multiple IRAs
  • Contributions are protected from creditors