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Benefits of Self-Directed IRA


Self-directed IRAs provide the type of benefits that many investors are looking for, such as tax advantaged savings and flexibility.


Today’s investors have access to data and real-time news in just about any market. This has made it possible for individuals to take part in the investments big business has done for the past few decades.


With a self-directed individual retirement account, you decide how your money is invested without the limitations imposed on IRAs, such as a 401(k) or company-sponsored retirement account. Investments made using IRAs complement retirement income from these types of accounts, including Social Security benefits and are important resources for households regardless of income or wealth.


Self-directed IRAs provide a unique way for savvy investors to diversify their retirement assets. If you are new to self-directed IRA investing, you may choose to select an advisor who can help with the process. Although we do not advise individuals on the asset selection process, we do have several tools that your advisor can use to ensure your investment interests reach their fullest potential.


Self-directed IRAs provide a way for individuals to continue to save for retirement while avoiding unnecessary taxes. A true self-directed IRA custodian, such as Forge Trust has the flexibility to enable individuals, advisors and institutions to invest in a vast array of alternative investments.